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The Making a Murderer Sequel Is Going to Be So Good

Ever since Netflix’s Making a Murderer took over the true crime world and dominated water cooler talk for weeks, if not months, viewers have been begging for a sequel. And one has been promised, with the same filmmakers at the helm. Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi, who filmed Making a Murderer, announced they were working on new episodes back in 2016.

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But there hasn’t been much new information since then, and we still have no word on when that official sequel is coming. So, a new filmmaker has taken up the reins and plans to give us the Making a Murderer fix we’ve all been waiting for.

True crime filmmaker Shawn Rech has announced that he’s working on a series called Convicting a Murderer, which will revisit the case of Steven Avery, but from the perspective of the prosecutors that put him behind bars. Rech promises “unprecedented access to District Attorney Ken Kratz, Lead Investigator Tom Fassbender, and other major players in State v. Avery.” He also says he’ll address concerns raised by the prosecution after Making a Murderer aired that the original filmmakers left out evidence to make Avery look more innocent that he actually did at his trial.

“We fight for the truth,” Rech said in a statement announcing the project. “We’ll present all of the evidence in the Avery case from the perspective of both the prosecution and the defense and see if viewers feel the same way they did two years ago, following the first season of Making a Murderer.

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However, this series doesn’t have a network, and Netflix isn’t involved. Whether the streaming service will get on board still remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: This is going to be the next show that everyone is talking about.

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