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Justin Hartley Gave Kim Kardashian West Sound Advice About Watching This Is Us

Kim Kardashian West might be up on all the latest trends in the world, but she is woefully behind when it comes to her TV addictions. While most of the world has been going through a box of tissues every Tuesday night when This Is Us is on, Kardashian West seems to have missed the memo on that particular piece of pop culture.

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On Wednesday, though, she caught up. She tweeted about how she just started watching the tremendously popular show and asked her followers whether she should keep going.

“I’m starting to watch ‘This Is Us.’ Who watches it? Is it good?” she tweeted.

And who better to answer that question than one of the show’s stars. Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin Pearson on the show. Hartley replied with his very serious answer to Kardashian West’s question, and we cannot stop laughing.

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“I watch it. I think it’s worth a look,” Hartley wrote. “If it were me, I would watch it from the beginning. A good time to start if you ask me. Not too [far] along in the series, yet enough episode to binge if you feel.”

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While Hartley did give her some good advice, because This Is Us is great and everyone should definitely watch it, you would think Hartley would have warned her about what an absolute emotional roller coaster that show is. No one should go in blind. Quick, someone tweet at Kardashian West and tell her to stock up on tissues before she keeps watching.

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