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Get to Know Rachel McAdams’ Baby Daddy, Jamie Linden

If you’re a longtime fan of Rachel McAdams like I am, then you were probably thrilled to learn earlier this week she has reportedly welcomed a baby boy with her boyfriend, Jamie Linden. Exciting, right? But after the initial thrilling rush of news, you might have been curious about the details. Where exactly did she give birth? What name did she and Linden choose? How does she plan to spend the first months of her pregnancy? And maybe most important of all, what is the 411 on Linden, the father of her child who flies a bit further under the radar than she does?

Well, the answer to the first few questions might be slightly vague, but we for sure know the answer to the final question. The father of McAdams’ child is also her boyfriend of (quite possibly) a little over a year and some change, screenwriter and director Jamie Linden.

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Linden’s more of a behind-the-scenes guy in Hollywood, and that seems to be McAdams’ preference when it comes to just how public she takes her relationship with him. According to E! News, the pair were first spotted together in 2016 in Paris and Los Angeles and later at a friend’s wedding. However, Linden and McAdams have never attended a major event together — although it remains to be seen if they’ll change that policy now that the cat’s out of the bag in a number of ways.

According to IMDb, Linden’s been actively credited with work on major motion pictures since 2006, but he’s likely been working way longer than that. His first credits include screenwriting and coproducing credits on We Are Marshall and Dear John. He also directed Channing Tatum, Oscar Isaac, Chris Pratt and a whole host of other ’90s and ’00s stars in the ensemble dramedy 10 Years.

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E! News also notes some other fun things about Linden you might not have known, including the fact that he dated Zooey Deschanel for two years, from 2012 to 2014, and that he went to Florida State University for digital media production and marketing, graduating in 2001. Oh, and here’s something doubly fun: The Price Is Right actually helped him pursue his writing dreams.

While speaking with Florida State University’s College of Communication and Information’s Alumni News, Linden recalled attending a taping of the game show, getting selected to play and then going on to win $5,000 (and a Tuscan wine cart). “The money actually helped me stay in California longer than I had planned,” he noted. “I was applying to grad school and simultaneously writing my first script.”

The more you know!

A version of this article was originally published in February 2018.

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