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That One Time Justin Theroux (Reportedly) Found Brad Pitt Love Notes

There’s a whole lot of speculation out there about Jennifer Aniston’s love life amid her split from Justin Theroux. So many ’90s fans saw Aniston get spurned by Brad Pitt when he left her for Angelina Jolie yet have wondered if Pitt and Aniston have actually been meant to be all along. Now that Pitt is single, is it a coincidence Aniston suddenly is too?

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And here’s just a little more fuel to throw on that rumor fire: During their two-year marriage, Theroux reportedly found love notes from Pitt that Aniston had kept for all these years.

“He stumbled upon old Post-it notes Brad had written,” a source told Us Weekly. “Sweet little Post-its like, ‘You looked nice tonight’ or ‘Miss you already.'”

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The insider added, “Jen assured him they weren’t a big deal, but Justin wasn’t thrilled … Justin had moments of insecurity like that.”

This news needs to be taken with a grain of salt, of course, since it’s coming from an anonymous source. It’s also entirely possible Aniston did hang onto love notes from Pitt as little mementos from a prior part of her life. That’s not that strange, is it? It doesn’t necessarily mean anything if someone keeps sentimental reminders of an ex, especially one from so long ago.

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But what if this does mean something? What if the timing of Aniston’s divorce isn’t purely a coincidence? What if there is still something between her and Pitt, and what if they truly are meant to be? These are the questions we need answers to, and ASAP.

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