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Chrissy Teigen Slams Paparazzi for Taking Photos of Her Undressing

Chrissy Teigen is cool about a lot of things: penis sweaterspeach fuzz rashes, her husband looking like Arthur. But creepy men taking half-naked pictures of her in a dressing room? That’s something she can’t get on board with.

On Wednesday, she called out a paparazzo for invading her privacy by taking a picture of her in a dressing room as she was trying on clothes. The photos, which showed Teigen putting on ill-fitting items that exposed parts of her body, including her breasts, were then published by tabloids, which claimed she was wearing a “revealing dress.” (Mind you, she’s half-naked. Of course, it’s revealing.)

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The issue was brought to her attention when a fan told Teigen that she saw a Snapchat news story that labeled her outfit as “revealing.” Teigen explained that the dress only became revealing when a man barged into the store she was in and took pictures of her undressing without her knowledge or consent.

“It only became a ‘revealing dress’ when the photographer shot into a store into the changing area when I’m half dressed,” she tweeted. “I will find him today and we will have a chat.”

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Though Teigen ended her tweet with a playful, Liam Neeson-like threat, what the paparazzo did is uncool. Invasion of privacy is already a big deal for many celebrities, but to have someone take pictures of you when you’re undressing is a new low. We hope Teigen has more than a chat with the creep.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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