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Chevy Chase Was in a Very Strange Road-Rage Car Chase IRL

Well, this might be the most Chevy Chase thing ever to happen. The actor was reportedly involved in a road-rage-driven car chase that ended with him getting kicked. Not hit, but kicked. Go figure.

According to TMZ, which cites an NYPD police report, Chase alleges he was driving in New York earlier this month when he was cut off by another driver. Chase told police he thought the truck hit his car, so he flashed his lights and gave chase. Whether the truck was a Chevy is unclear, but how funny would that be? (Get it? Chevy Chase? Chasing a Chevy? I’m here all week, folks.)

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Eventually, the driver of the truck pulled over, and Chase said he saw neither vehicle was damaged, but still approached the driver’s side window “to speak to him about his reckless driving.” He says one of the passengers in the truck flipped him off.

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This is where the two parties’ stories start to differ. According to what Chase told police, he said to the driver of the truck, “If I were a lot younger I’d bust your nose,” and then someone in the truck kicked him in the shoulder, causing him to fall to the ground. The driver of the truck told police Chase threw a punch and the kick was in self-defense, intended to block his fist. Either way, TMZ reports that police charged the kicker with second-degree harassment with physical content.

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In possibly the best part of this entire police report, there was a statement from a third-party witness to the scuffle, who told police he pulled over because he didn’t want to see Chase “get his ass stomped.” Fair enough.

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