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Katie Holmes Is Returning to TV

Hear ye, hear ye: Katie Holmes is coming back to television in a major way. Yes, Holmes had a short arc on Ray Donovan in 2015, and OK, she’s played Jackie Kennedy not once, but twice, in two separate limited series about the Kennedy family. But when was the last time you saw Holmes make a play for originating a character on a TV show with the potential to run for a long time to come? Not since Dawson’s Creek, that’s when.

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But Holmes’ time has come once again as she gears up to star in a new TV drama that, excitingly, sounds like Scandal and Homeland had a baby and planned to deliver that baby unto us sometime in 2018. Clear out some space in your queue; you’re going to want to watch this show.

According to Deadline, the show (formerly titled Mrs. Otis Regrets) sees Holmes playing Hazel Otis, “who’s in the midst of investigating a domestic terrorism threat when a personal indiscretion — an affair with a prominent general — shatters her life and threatens her career at the FBI. Now labeled ‘the mistress,’ Hazel Otis — wife, mother, patriot — begins to rebuild her personal life and professional reputation.” OK, is it just me or are the Scandal vibes actually super-, super-front and center after reading that synopsis?

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The show is reportedly set to hit Fox, and although no hard-and-fast date has been set for the show to premiere, chances are good it could end up in the fall or midseason premiere lineups. Luckily, the still-officially-untitled show will be run by two women, former Empire showrunner Ilene Chaiken and Melissa Scrivner Love. Holmes is set to executive-produce the show as well. While this may seem like boring industry details, the biggest takeaway from this is that three powerful women are in charge of this story, which not only keeps those Shonda Rhimes-Scandal correlations strong but indicates this drama could be more nuanced and insightful to the way women are portrayed in this story.

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So basically, get excited for this show, folks. Get excited for the show, and more important, get excited Holmes is returning to TV; it’s about dang time! Oh, and seriously: Make some space in your queue for this show right now.

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