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Sophia Bush Calls Out ‘Vile Creatures’ on Twitter

After last week’s horrific school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 dead (most of them teenage students), kids across the nation are now organizing marches, rallies and demonstrations, begging Congress to act on gun control, primarily to preserve the safety of their fellow Americans. The upcoming March for Our Lives, scheduled for March 24, is organized entirely by the survivors from Stoneman Douglas who have been vocal since the shooting in saying that while this should be a job for adults to handle, the adults in charge have utterly failed them.

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But not everyone is on board with the message these teens are promoting, with some going so far as to claim there’s a conspiracy at work. Thankfully, Sophia Bush is taking to Twitter to smack those naysayers down.

After retweeting an article about the extreme smear campaign that’s been launched against these kids by adults who tend to fall in with an ultra-conservative crowd (including noted conspiracy theorist Dinesh D’Souza and Donald Trump Jr.), Bush candidly shared some of her thoughts, which seem to echo a lot of people’s thoughts on this issue.

“The fact that people have activated a ‘smear campaign’ to go after grieving and traumatized children because they are POWERFUL AND RIGHT AND THIS MADNESS HAS TO END is disgusting,” she wrote. “Shame on these vile creatures causing further suffering. What the fuck is wrong with humanity?????” Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

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Bush’s outrage feels justified at this moment — and frankly, it feels cathartic to read. Far-right guns rights supporters have been working overtime to attack the credibility of these children, who are only trying to ensure no more of their classmates are mowed down in the future by high-capacity assault rifles while they sit in their classrooms. There’s an active smear campaign against the kids; Trump Jr. has retweeted conspiracy theories saying the survivors of one of the worst school shootings in history were coached in anti-Republican rhetoric. It’s a bit too stomach-churning to feel acceptable right now, and honestly, it’s enough to make anyone struggle to maintain faith in humanity

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Let’s hope this horrendous backlash against the young activists working to change America’s relationship to guns dies down quickly, because as Bush put it, this madness most certainly has to end.

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