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Source Says Justin Theroux Never Really Wanted Marriage

Should we all have seen Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s heartbreaking split coming? According to at least one source, Theroux never wanted to be married at all, and the signs were all there.

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Before dating Aniston, Theroux was in a 14-year relationship with costume designer Heidi Bivens, and marriage never meant much to him, an insider told Us Weekly. He didn’t particularly want to get married to Aniston, either, but she allegedly pushed for it.

“Constant scrutiny of Jen’s personal life, including whether she would ever find her happily ever after, played a huge role in her marriage to Justin,” the source explained. “It was obvious Jen needed more than an engagement or to be life partners with Justin. He didn’t want to lose her, so they got married.”

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The insider added that Theroux was skeptical from the get-go that marriage was the right choice.

“He had reservations at the time because they still hadn’t figured out where they were going to live as a couple. Justin was absolutely head over heels in love with Jen — and probably always will be — but marriage was never important to him,” the source said. “Marriage was always just a piece of paper to Justin, and he didn’t need it.”

Another source said there were definitely signs of trouble leading up to the split. During the last few months of their relationship, one insider claimed, Theroux “felt more comfortable [in the guest house] than in the main house with Jen” when he visited her in California. First he would spend his days hanging out there, but by the end, he was also sleeping in the guest house.

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Despite announcing their split in a joint statement to help stop media speculation, though, neither party wants to talk about it. In the aftermath of the announcement, Theroux canceled his planned appearance on tonight’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, seemingly to avoid talking about his breakup.

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