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Is Jamie Foxx Coming Clean About His Relationship With Katie Holmes Yet?

Basically the entire world knows that Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are solidly in a relationship and have been for years. Yet they still refuse to confirm it or even talk about each other.

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Foxx was one of the competitors in the NBA All-Stars Celebrity Game, and he definitely took time to practice before hitting the court for the big game — he and Holmes were photographed together wearing cute workout gear and heading to the gym to shoot some hoops on Valentine’s Day. In the photos, which were obtained by Entertainment Tonight, the obvious couple looked happy as they smiled at each other on their way to play.

But even though there is actual photographic evidence of this occurring, Foxx isn’t here to talk about it. During a pregame interview on Friday, Feb. 16, he was asked about his and Holmes’ Valentine’s Day date, and it did not go well.

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“I know you [prepared for the game], because I saw pictures,” ESPN SportsCenter anchor Michael Smith asked Foxx during the interview. “Did you and Katie Holmes play basketball for Valentine’s Day? Like some real Love and Basketball?”

But we’re still not getting any confirmation here. Instead of answering, Foxx, with a sly half-smile on his face, removed his headset and mic and returned to the court without saying another word. Literally, he just walked right out of that interview rather than answer a question about his girlfriend.

“He ready to go. He ready to hoop,” Smith said, sounding embarrassed about causing Foxx to ditch the interview.

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This shouldn’t really come as any surprise since Foxx and Holmes have been avoiding talking about their relationship for literal years. But there are so many pictures of them together doing everything from hanging out to having romantic dinners. Come on, guys. The jig is up.

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