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Fergie Tried to Jazz Up the National Anthem, & Folks Did Not React Well

Poor, poor Fergie. Homegirl tried to spice up the national anthem on Sunday, Feb. 18 at the NBA All-Star Game by giving a jazzy, vibrato-heavy performance, and unfortunately, it went over about as well as you might imagine it did. There were lots of celebrities and high-profile NBA stars at Sunday night’s event, which means there were lots of folks there to react on social media and have those reactions reach a large number of people. As such, by the time Monday morning rolled around, Fergie’s confusing performance was already being widely discussed and reacted to across the internet.

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Listen, it’s not that Fergie suddenly turned into a bad singer at the NBA All-Star Game. It’s just that her NBA All-Star national anthem rendition might be one of the more confusing performances we’ve seen in a while because it was so far left of center folks didn’t really know what to do with it. Like, props to Fergie for wanting to show off her vocal range, but maybe wait to do it when the stakes aren’t so high.

You should really watch it because it’s truly something else. What that something is, I’m not entirely sure, but it’s something all right.
This national anthem performance was all over the place, and many celebrities both in attendance and online reacted quite animatedly. As you can see from the clip, some famous folks (like Chance the Rapper and Jimmy Kimmel) kept a pleasant expression on their faces as they watched, ostensibly staying polite and not revealing their true feelings. And then there were others who reacted with a fiery response, like Khloé Kardashian, who tweeted out, “This All Star opening is confusing me. WTF is going on? Anyone?” as a response to Fergie’s performance. Yikes.

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And it seems like the negative reactions outweighed the positive ones. Just take a look at some of the hottest takes. Oh, dear. Don’t show these to Fergie.

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Hopefully, this will all be forgotten by the end of the week and Fergie can go about her business and never be reminded of this. Hopefully.

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