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The Walking Dead Is Pushing the Boundaries With Its First Naked Zombie

Are people still watching The Walking Dead? I can’t say I’ve ever been a huge fan of that show, but I’m connected enough to pop culture to know it’s gone seriously off the rails in recent seasons, and it’s difficult not to wonder if after eight seasons on the air, it’s time for the show to quit while it’s still (relatively) ahead.

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But no end is in sight, and executive producer Greg Nicotero is dishing details on the upcoming second half of Season 8 and some of the ways he’s continuing to push boundaries on a show that’s arguably already pushed them further than fans are willing to support.

“There’s an episode where we did our first fully nude walker. We’ve never done that before,” Nicotero spilled to Entertainment Weekly about the upcoming surprise. We don’t know anything about the gender of this zombie or whether “fully nude” means full frontal or this will be implied complete nudity, but we do know one thing: This is completely unnecessary.

In a show that has seen a steady decline in viewership amid criticism for a plot that’s become unbearably slow and nonsensical, you’d think the executive producer would be focusing his energy on revitalizing the writing, coming up with some of the shocking twists The Walking Dead was known for in its early days. Instead, what he expects to get viewers hyped about new episodes is this: a naked zombie.

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Also, why? That’s a question that I’ve found myself asking over and over throughout The Walking Dead‘s run about the gratuitous violence in every episode. But this is a whole new level of why? What does a nude walker bring to the show other than some weird, cheap media buzz? How will it make the show better? The answer is that it won’t. It gives no value to viewers, and with its ratings getting more abysmal by the season, value for viewers is what The Walking Dead needs right now.

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