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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Is ‘Ready to Rock’ Following a Successful Surgery

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is trucking along in her battle against breast cancer, and dang, she’s doing it so admirably. I am honest-to-goodness in awe of this woman’s power and perseverance through what must be one of the most unimaginably difficult health battles to be put through. Seriously, Louis-Dreyfus is next-level great, and on Valentine’s Day, she reminded us just how great she is when she emerged from another successful surgery and posted a triumphant — and somewhat cheeky — photo of how she looked post-operation.

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It’s good to see this entire battle against breast cancer hasn’t dulled Louis-Dreyfus’ shine. That was evidenced by the fact that her first tweet post-op was of the photo below, showing a very glam and radiant Louis-Dreyfus from a past photo shoot but meant to be a jokey acknowledgment that she may look a bit rough but she’s feeling amazing.

“Hoorah! Great doctors, great results, feeling happy and ready to rock after surgery. Hey cancer, ‘Fuck you!’ Here’s my first post op photo,” she captioned the photo, making it clear she’s not backing down from this fight anytime soon.

Louis-Dreyfus has been put through the wringer since she confirmed her breast cancer diagnosis back in September 2017 shortly after securing multiple Emmy wins with her Veep team for their work on the penultimate season. Since then, she has retreated from the public eye so she can get the treatment she needs and get back to work as soon as humanly possible; thankfully, her Veep castmates have been supporting her along the way. It was also reported in late 2017 that production on the upcoming final season of Veep would be put on hold until Louis-Dreyfus got better.

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If there’s one thing this latest posting proves, it’s that Louis-Dreyfus is a fighter, and she’s going to use every ounce of strength and wit to power through to victory.

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