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7 Reasons Charlotte & Harry Were the Best SATC Couple

You can bet your Manolos that Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda all had their fair share of relationships on Sex and the City. Some were good, some were bad and some were comically questionable, even. But through it all, one couple stood out above the rest. Sure, Carrie and Big usually get all the glory, but the trophy for best SATC relationship should go to Charlotte and Harry.

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They may have gotten off to a rocky start, but these two more than made up for it as the years went by. Theirs was the kind of love that sometimes gets overlooked simply because it isn’t full of drama (here’s lookin’ at you, Carrie and Big). However, it was also the kind of love fans could count on. It’s been 14 years since Charlotte and Harry got hitched on SATC, and — if they were a real-life couple — it isn’t hard to believe they’d still be together and living out the happily ever after that diehard romantic Charlotte dreamed of.

So, here’s to Charlotte and Harry! And here’s to the reasons they’ll always be the best SATC couple.

1. He taught her to see the bigger picture

When Charlotte met Harry, she couldn’t stand the thought of being with someone like him — someone who wasn’t polished, put together and, you know, super-preppy like Charlotte herself. But, over time, Harry helped her realize that none of that matters… especially when true love is on the table.

2. She appreciated him for who he was

OK, so this didn’t happen right away. It took time for Charlotte to appreciate all of the things that made Harry who he was. But she did get there, and she made sure to thank Harry often for being himself.

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3. He knew what she needed in a crisis
When Charlotte had a miscarriage and was totally despondent, Harry knew exactly what to do: call in reinforcements. In that moment, he didn’t let his pride get in the way of giving Charlotte what she needed to heal. Instead, he called on Carrie to help pull her out of the darkness in the way he couldn’t. Harry never shied away from bringing in backup when his wife needed it most.

4. They were funny

C’mon — intentional or not, these two were hilarious. Between Harry’s nudity and back-waxing debacles and Charlotte’s prim and proper meltdowns, they proved to be a couple that kept everyone laughing.

5. They really meant “in sickness and in health”

Nothing says true love like a killer case of food poisoning! Harry’s intentions in taking Charlotte to a fancy French restaurant were pure and full of romance, but the evening went awry when the food bit back (“it was the fucking fromage!”). One night of explosive bathroom sharing later, and you knew these two were in it for the long haul.

6. They made an effort to meet each other halfway

When Charlotte confronted Harry about leaving tea bags all over the house (including all over her white couch), Harry admitted he’d been trying to be on his best behavior in “her” house. Of course, this prompted Charlotte to tell her husband to be himself, albeit a bit more clothed version. As for Charlotte, I mean, she converted to Judaism to better relate to her husband. That’s nothing to scoff about. These two always seemed to try to find ways to support and understand each other.

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7. They weren’t perfect
Of course they weren’t perfect! Not only did Charlotte not like Harry at all when they first met, but Harry forgot to mention to Charlotte that he could never marry outside of his faith. Oopsie! That slight omission nearly cost them their entire relationship — they broke up when they couldn’t land on the same page. They found their way back to each other, though, and they loved each other. Even when it was messy and even when it didn’t look like they thought it would. That’s the real deal.

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