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The Bachelor: Winter Games Anthem Is as Cheesy as You’d Expect

OK, so, I know we weren’t expecting The Bachelor: Winter Games to be earth-shatteringly good, but upon hearing the new anthem that was going to be sung at the inauguration of the games, I started to cringe really, really hard. It’s not that the anthem is problematic or gross or anything that might make you think of the weird aspects of Bachelor Nation. It’s because the lyrics to this new anthem make for a very cheesy song all the way around. Maybe it’ll grow on me.

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Fans were treated to a sneak peek of the Bachelor: Winter Games anthem via E! News on Tuesday in both its videotaped and written forms and it’s… it’s really something else. Take a look at the video below to see for yourself.

And just in case you may have missed any of the lyrics, here they are in all their glory: 

Bachelor Winter Games, to fight for love and more

Oh Bachelor, sweet Bachelor, we will compete for sure

In the time that we share, let’s go beyond compare

Oh Bachelor, sweet Bachelor, we want to see this through

The reason’s right, the future’s bright to win your hand and heart

Oh Bachelor, sweet Bachelor, our Winter Games be true

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Wow. Just wow. Thankfully, as cringeworthy as that whole song is, the masterminds on the production team for Winter Games wanted to get something especially attention-grabbing and cheesy for the show’s anthem, and they not only did that, but they sourced it from an unexpected spot.

“The anthem came about because we thought to ourselves, well, we really need some kind of anthem, some kind of song, that commemorates the beginning of these games,” Winter Games executive producer Bennett Graebner told E! News. “I thought, ‘Why not reach out to a local high school and see if they’ll put something together for us?'”

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And that’s exactly what Graebner and his team did, recruiting Burr & Burton Academy’s instrumental music teacher Neil Freeburn to craft the song for the show. I think it’s safe to say Freeburn and his anthem will go down in Bachelor Nation history, but we’ll have to wait and see whether it’s infamy or just plain-old fame.

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