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Jack Didn’t Have to Die on This Is Us — Someone Could Have Saved Him

This Is Us fans are clearly still struggling to grapple with Jack Pearson’s emotional death on the series. They’re looking for any possible way for this all to have been a bad dream or something equally reversible, because they just need Jack back, damn it.

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One fan seems to have come up with the perfect plan, but it involves time travel and a pretty unexpected TV crossover. But more and more fans are on board and want to see Grey’s Anatomy‘s Dr. April Kepner somehow appear in the This Is Us universe to save Jack from the smoke inhalation complications that killed him.

The theory started with one fan, who tweeted, “It’s too bad Kepner wasn’t #ThisIsUs Jack’s physician bc she definitely wouldn’t have missed his smoke inhalation,” tagging Sarah Drew, who plays April Kepner on the show.

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And Drew is totally on board for this.

“I was just thinking that when i watches that episode!! Brought me back to when April first got fired,” she wrote, referring to when April was just an intern on the show and got fired because she missed checking for smoke inhalation in a patient who had been in a fire — the exact same thing that happened to Jack on This Is Us.

Fans are into the theory because anything that will bring Jack back is a good thing. Though some of them are advocating for a different Grey’s doctor considering April’s history.

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Someone introduce Dan Fogelman to Shonda Rhimes, and let’s make this happen!

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