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Chrissy Teigen Makes the World LOL With Naked Pregnant Photo

There’s very little we love more than a good bump photo from a pregnant celeb. And while most celebrities take a glamorous approach to theirs, Chrissy Teigen did… not do that. Instead, she posted a pregnancy photo that will legit make you LOL.

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Pregnant with her second child, a boy, Teigen just treated us all to a look at her growing baby bump by posing naked in one of her favorite places: her kitchen. She’s preparing a delicious-looking salad, and all that’s covering up her not-so-Instagram-friendly lady bits is a pair of salad emojis.

Yep, that’s all she’s wearing: two salad emojis and a big red-lipsticked smile.

“[P]lz don’t shame me I am a strong proud salad making woman just being natural and trying to live my life,” Teigen wrote in the caption. Her fans are far from shaming her; in the comments, they can’t seem to stop laughing.

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Actor Jane Lynch jumped on the Teigen train to remark that Teigen’s photo was “tremendous,” to which Teigen happily replied, “Thank you, Jane! Thank you for letting me be strong!”

Other Twitter fans just could help but get a real kick out of the photo, with one person suggesting she use the photo as the cover of her next cookbook.

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Good for Teigen for making that salad in the way she’s most comfortable! It must feel amazing and freeing to casually cook in the buff. But here’s hoping she maybe keeps some clothes on the next time she cooks in the winter so she doesn’t catch a cold.

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