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Rihanna Is the Queen of the Side Hustle

I am, quite simply, constantly in awe of Rihanna. She’s one of the first people I think of when I think of the hardest working people in showbiz, period. It feels like she is constantly on the go, sashaying through the world in a swirl of glitz and imbued with such confident power that it’s hard to contain the awe that seems all-consuming as you gaze upon her mighty works (and possibly despair).

The hustle that Rihanna channels into her daily life is evident in the many extra jobs she takes on in addition to being one of the hottest recording artists working today. She not only dominates the charts, she dominates movies, fashion and beauty. This woman’s work hustle is the kind of hustle we should all strive to emulate in our own day-to-day lives, TBH.

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But what side hustles is Rihanna involved in? How is she killin’ it on the regular, you ask me? Well, keep scrolling and drink up the glory of Rihanna’s maverick side hustle game — just in time for her birthday on Feb. 20.

She’s an actor

Rihanna has cultivated quite the on-screen career outside of creating music videos that feel like short films (remember “Bitch Better Have My Money“?). She’s appeared in films like the animated film Home, This Is The End, Battleship and, excitingly, she’ll star in the upcoming Ocean’s 8, an all-female reboot of Ocean’s 11.

She has her own beauty empire

You might not have had your radar tuned into this little event, but back in 2017, Rihanna launched her Fenty Beauty line. When the still-growing beauty empire first launched, it was praised for both the quality of its products as well as the shockingly noticeable (and outstanding) fact that there were 40 foundation shades on offer — something way outside the norm in the world of makeup.

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She’s currently the creative director of Puma

Rihanna is a chameleon, and that’s thanks in no small part to the fact that she is constantly switching up her look. Her avant-garde yet deeply chic fashion sensibilities must have earned the attention of staple fashion brand Puma because, in 2014, it named Rihanna a creative director and brand ambassador. Since then, Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma sportswear and shoe collections have inspired mass frenzy, with folks everywhere clamoring for her wares (eat your heart out, Kanye West).

She has her own music label

In 2005, Rihanna launched her own music label, Westbury Road Entertainment. The label was reportedly named after the street in Barbados she grew up on. Get it, girl!

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She’s a philanthropist

Rihanna also uses her celebrity status to give back in major philanthropic ways through her organization, the Clara Lionel Foundation. The foundation gets its name from Rihanna’s grandparents, Clara and Lionel Braithwaite. Through this organization, Rihanna and her team have achieved some major milestones, with a recent notable achievement being a partnership with bike-sharing program ofo to provide bikes and scholarships to girls in Malawi so they can attend school without worrying about how to get there.

She co-owns a major music streaming service

When Tidal launched in 2015, Rihanna was named as one of a large group of prominent co-owners, including (among others) Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Madonna and Daft Punk. The music streaming service has gone on to become a competitive platform, constantly pushing back at Apple and Spotify’s successes. While it’s not clear if Rihanna has a voice in Tidal’s creative direction, she does have access to the platform whenever she wants to drop new music on us.

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So, are you inspired by Rihanna yet? Because you should be.

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