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You Won’t Believe Who Britney Spears Is Bringing on Tour With Her

Britney Spears fans are rejoicing at the fact that she’s added a bunch of new dates to her Piece of Me World Tour, but the latest announcement from the tour has a lot of us scratching our heads. There’s been a lot of speculation about who would be Spears’ supporting act when she takes off from Las Vegas this summer, and that news is finally here.

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Pitbull will be opening for Spears when she takes her residency to Europe.

If you’re surprised by this news, you’re not alone.

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Spears’ style is completely, utterly different from Pitbull’s, even though they’re both established hitmakers. It just doesn’t seem like Spears fans and Pitbull fans have a lot of overlap, you know?

Regardless of the underwhelming response to this news, Spears and Pitbull will hit arenas and stadiums in 15 cities across Europe and the UK this summer. Spears will also perform sans Pitbull in Washington, D.C., Atlantic City, New York City and a handful of other U.S. stops before jetting off to Europe. It’s a dream come true for Spears fans who missed the chance to see her at her Las Vegas residency, even though the Pitbull announcement is definitely odd.

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At this point, the only thing that can save this news is if Spears and Pitbull drop a new song together. But considering the response to their tour new so far, it better be one hell of a banger.

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