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Kylie Jenner Is Already Being Mom Shamed

To all the people out there throwing shade at Kylie Jenner for having a baby at 20: Please stop it. Jenner made that choice for herself, and it’s no one’s business but hers, her boyfriend’s and their respective families. Can we stop cutting down women for making their own decisions already?

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The latest high-profile name to slam Jenner is Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dina Manzo, who saw Jenner’s birth announcement on Sunday, Feb. 4 and then tweeted out her congratulations, immediately followed by a salty dig at Jenner’s age.

“Congrats Kylie on your baby girl,” she wrote. “[B]ut maybe think about putting out a ‘don’t try this at home’ kinda thing for your very young fans that look up to you. Having a baby at 20 is not all silk PJ’s & flower walls~Most kids don’t have the $ and support you’re fortunate enough to have.”

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Manzo — and all other haters focusing on Jenner’s age — needs to step right back. Yes, Jenner is a young mom. No, that path isn’t right for everyone. But Jenner, an adult woman with a thriving career and what seems to be the stability to bring a child into this world, made this choice for herself. She’s not a young teen. She’s not still in school. She is a grown woman with a career and a life plan who wanted to be a mom, and so now she is. She’s not a bad influence on young fans for choosing the path she’s always wanted.

The important thing now is Jenner’s baby, Stormi Webster, and I think it’s pretty clear that Jenner is already a loving mom. She’ll give everything she can to that little girl just like so many other loving moms, regardless of their age.

And anyone who’s watched even a season or two of Keeping Up with the Kardashians knows how incredibly family-oriented all the Kardashian-Jenner girls are. They all dream from a young age of being moms. Jenner did it a little younger than her siblings, but it’s clear she’s over the moon about this choice she made.

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The bottom line is that there are a lot of paths a person can take in life, but no person is going to take all of them. Some people pursue years of education. Some people travel. Some people become moms. Jenner chose to have her baby, and she’s perfectly equipped to not only make that choice but also give that baby an incredible life. She’s not the first 20-year-old to choose that path, and she won’t be the last.

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