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Brad Pitt Was in a 3-Car Accident

Poor Brad Pitt. As hard as he may try, he just can’t seem to catch a break. Sure, he’s been handling the single life pretty well since splitting up with Angelina Jolie in 2017, but Pitt’s also been diving back into the dating pool (which is nutty in and of itself) while juggling a hectic work schedule and dad duties. Who has the time to be even more stressed or have yet another stroke of misfortune?

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Well, unfortunately, Pitt’s number got called yet again on Monday when he was involved in an unfortunate little fender bender while cruising around Los Angeles. According to Us Weekly, the accident involved three cars, and apparently, it might be Pitt’s fault. It would appear that Pitt crashed his Tesla into the back of a silver Nissan, which then hit a black Kia truck, resulting in damage to all three cars.

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Photographers were able to catch Pitt exchanging what appeared to be insurance information with one of the drivers, so we can ensure that Pitt was at least courteous enough not to crash and dash and — bonus — he actually exchanged his info. Good on ya, kid. Pitt apparently also went the extra mile and took photos of the damage he did to the other car, which will likely be sent to the insurance company, and I think my heart is beating a little fast at how chill Pitt was when he handled this very unnerving situation!

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Thankfully, it also appears that neither the men Pitt crashed into nor Pitt himself were seriously injured in the fender bender. Let’s just hope he manages to stay out of trouble for the rest of 2018.

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