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Jennifer Lopez Talks Alex Rodriguez on Their One-Year Anniversary

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are for sure one of our favorite celebrity couples right now. They’ve gone from having a cute summer romance to seamlessly blending their families together, and every time we see them, they look happier and more in love.

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And speaking of looking happier and more in love all the time, Lopez and Rodriguez just had their one-year anniversary as a couple, and Lopez absolutely gushed about celebrating that milestone and just continuing to live a happy life with her BF.

At a Super Bowl preshow in Minneapolis on Sunday, Lopez opened up to Entertainment Tonight about how her yearlong relationship has changed her life.

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“What was I doing one year ago today? I was with Alex. We had just met and, you know, it was good,” she said. “It was a good night.”

She continued on, adding that meeting and dating Rodriguez has only changed her life for the better.

“It’s crazy. We both are so happy about our lives right now and where we’re at professionally, as well as personally,” she said. “You know. Just things seem to be flowing in a really beautiful way. We both have a lot of support for each other and a lot of love for each other. So much has changed in a year in a sense for us, for each of us individually. And we’re just really happy. It’s a good time.”

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We can tell by how much time they spend together and with all four of their collective kids that their relationship is still going strong. Here’s to many more anniversaries for one of our favorite couples!

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