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Pink Claps Back at a Twitter Troll Trying to Ruin Her Super Bowl Performance

By now, shouldn’t all the haters and trolls know not to mess with Pink? Not only is she super-talented, but she’s the first person who will come at you if you try to challenge her on her greatness. This woman’s got no time for the hate.

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After she absolutely slayed her performance of the national anthem at Sunday’s Super Bowl, Pink probably should have been able to just take some time to bask in the love she was getting from pretty much everyone who watched the show. After all, she managed that show-stopping performance even through a nasty case of the flu. Just to give you a sense of how amazing that is, when I have the flu, I stay in bed and whine and watch Grey’s Anatomy; Pink has the flu and she delivered a stunning rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” in front of millions of people.

But there’s always that one person who has to ruin the moment, especially with a cutting remark on the internet. On Sunday night, that person showed up in Pink’s Twitter mentions, writing, “If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 1000 times. Pink sucks and if you like her singing you’re dumb.” He probably didn’t expect his tweet to catch her eye, but it did. And boy, did she have the clapback for him.

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“Yeah but at least I suck while singing our countries national anthem, and you just suck by yourself on a dirty couch. #winning,” she wrote back, clearly not ready to let some jerk with a Twitter account ruin her triumph at Super Bowl LII. She handled it like a boss and managed to take that troll down a peg in a way that made clapping back practically an art form.

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I don’t know if this guy thinks it’s, like, some kind of badge of honor to get eviscerated for his incorrect opinion, but he’s since changed his Twitter name to “Dirty Couch,” so he’s really leaning into getting called out by Pink on Twitter. Trolls: Some things never change.

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