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This Grey’s Anatomy Character Might Leave After Having a Complete Meltdown

It’s hard to believe, but there’s a chance that Grey’s Anatomy might sucker-punch us all and take one of its veteran characters off the show. Now, it’s easy to understand why this would happen in the sense that killing off some of our most beloved characters when we’re least expecting it is a thing for Grey’s. But, at the same time, does it have to happen again? Do Grey’s fans have to spend the rest of 2018 consoling themselves over the loss of a beloved long-running character?

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While nothing has been confirmed, it certainly feels like Grey’s is preparing us for the worst when it comes to Miranda Bailey. On Thursday night’s episode, “(Don’t Fear) the Reaper,” Bailey admitted herself to the hospital in a stunning clip where she revealed that she was having a heart attack. The clip that was released before the full episode aired showed the tense moment when Bailey checked in, delivering a very stunning admission: “My name is Miranda Bailey. I am Chief of Surgery at Grey Sloane Memorial. And I believe I am having a heart attack.”

The clip only serves as the starting point for Bailey’s complete meltdown on Grey’s, which comes very rapidly and very dramatically despite her best efforts to convince her colleagues that she is totally fine. This heart attack, which could be the result of stress built up from Bailey’s work and her personal life, might be the thing that gets her written off the show for good.

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Chandra Wilson, the actor who plays Bailey, opened up to Entertainment Weekly about Bailey’s future on the show the day before the episode aired. While it appears that Wilson was teasing Bailey’s future, it feels like the writing is well and truly on the wall.

“Let’s say Bailey has been stressed. Is Bailey leaving? I think this is the right thing to say: Bailey’s been stressed and needs to take care of herself,” Wilson revealed. Now, the notion of self-care and finding the time to recuperate could point to, at the very least, a long sabbatical for Bailey that would take her off the show for a while. That would be the best-case scenario. Bailey is a veteran of Grey’s and one of our favorite characters. It’s just not her time to go in any way.

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That said, there may be a silver lining to Bailey’s possible Grey’s exit: She could always pop up on the Grey’s spinoff, Station 19. The show is set to include her husband, Dr. Ben Warren, who is currently going through a career switch from medicine to firefighting. So, even if we lose Bailey in one way or another because of this awful heart attack plot line, we can still hold out hope for seeing her in the future. Keep those fingers crossed!

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