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Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson Have an Intimate Brother-Sister Relationship

Well, this is awkward. Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson have starred in three Fifty Shades movies together, which means three movies’ worth of some very kinky sex scenes. Yet the way Dornan describes their relationship? He likens them to siblings. Hoo, boy. You might have wanted to think more about that before it came out of your mouth, bud.

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At least Dornan seems to recognize how weird that is. He dropped that little bit of info during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and he nervously laughed as he dished, “This is going to sound bad, but it’s almost like brother-sister.”

The audience nervously laughed at that point too as Dornan continued, “Because I am married and [Dakota’s] had quite a lot of relationships in the time that we’ve known each other, so that’s happening in our own lives. You just sort of have this mutual love and respect for each other. I feel we know each other so well — intimately.”

Yeah, that’s an understatement. You can’t spend that much time naked with someone and not be close, I guess. But speaking of all that time they spend naked together, Dornan also shared how he keeps those sex scenes from getting too intimate: He wears a “wee-bag.”

As the audience awkwardly laughed again, he clarified, “Well, that’s an expression from where I’m from — a wee-bag. But it doesn’t mean it’s actually wee in size,” he says. “I wear quite a big bag!”

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He also shared that he got to pick out his wee-bag from a wide selection of shapes and sizes, but that the one he ultimately settled on was used. You know, just normal job stuff. Lifestyles of the rich and famous, amirite?

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