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What We Learned From Jimmy Kimmel’s Interview With Stormy Daniels

Adult film actor and director Stormy Daniels took being coy to a totally new level last night when she appeared on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! in the wake of President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address and rumors of the couple’s affair in 2006. While porn actors usually excel at innuendo and playing dumb, Daniels did so in a smart and funny (if kind of awkward) way on the late-night show as she tiptoed around the details of her relationships with the current president, probably due to a nondisclosure agreement she signed regarding the issue.

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Daniels allegedly had a sexual relationship with Trump during a golf tournament in Lake Tahoe in 2006, which she talked about in graphic detail to In Touch Weekly in 2011. Then, just a month shy of the 2016 presidential election, The Wall Street Journal has reported that Daniels accepted a $130,000 payoff from Trump attorney Michael Cohen, ostensibly in exchange for a nondisclosure agreement that barred her from talking about her dealings with Trump. Then, she allegedly released a statement denying the affair on Tuesday morning, just hours before the State of the Union address — though her signature on that document varies significantly from her signature on other documents, including the original statement.

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During her Jimmy Kimmel interview, Daniels tap-danced around her alleged affair in multiple ways with the help of the late-night host. First, the pair talked about the letter of denial that appeared on the internet. When Kimmel directly asked if she signed it, the actor replied, “I dunno. Did I?” When he asked about whether it was her signature, she said, “It doesn’t look like my signature, does it?”

When asked where it came from, she said, “It came from the internet, which also says that I work for the FBI and that I’m a man.”

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Kimmel also tried to help Daniels get around the parameters of the alleged NDA by handing her a puppet of herself (while Kimmel operated a Donald Trump doll in tighty-whities). The pair of puppets played the game Never Have I Ever, and Stormy the doll admitted to sleeping with a married man at a golf tournament — though she wouldn’t go further.

During another segment of the interview, after playing a segment of Trump talking about the size of his penis during a presidential debate, Kimmel presented Daniels with a large carrot, a medium-size carrot and a small carrot and asked her to choose one “without any commentary.” She demurred again, saying, “Who wants a carrot?”

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