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Omarosa Is a Millionaire Now Thanks to Her Celebrity Big Brother Paycheck

It looks like Omarosa Manigault won’t have to worry about pinching the pennies until she finds her next well-paying gig because that day has finally arrived.

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It’s being reported by Radar Online that Manigault may stand to make as much as $1 million for appearing on the U.S. edition of Celebrity Big Brother. While that quote should be taken with a grain of salt given the source, it would make sense, especially since it’s being reported that that $1 million also includes what Manigault would earn for a talk show she has in the works.

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To be clear, $1 million is a bananas amount of money regardless. That said, the fact that Manigault reportedly only made around $180,000 while working at the White House as part of President Trump’s staff means this pay increase is lucrative to say the least. There are no details at the time of reporting on whether or not any of Manigault’s Celebrity Big Brother costars — including Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath, American Pie star Shannon Elizabeth and Real Housewives alum Brandi Glanville — will be making as much as Manigault, but I’d say her agent deserves an Edible Arrangement for the negotiating it likely took to get their client, who was apparently fired from her last job, such an exorbitant payout.

Manigault’s first post-White House gig has been met with some derision from the public. When the cast for the 2018 season of Celebrity Big Brother was announced, Twitter nearly blew up with reactions to Manigault’s casting. While it appears the general vibe of the reactions is curiosity (seeing as it’s been a hot second since she’s appeared on a reality TV show), others are wondering if her time working at Trump’s White House will come into the conversation or have any effect on her personality.

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Manigault has yet to comment on the amount of money she may or may not be making for appearing on Celebrity Big Brother. What can be confirmed at this time is that things are about to get pretty frickin’ interesting no matter what, because whenever Manigault shows up, drama is sure to follow.

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