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Nicole Kidman Enjoys a Healthy & Hearty Dose of Bugs

These days, it’s hardly considered going out on a limb to say that Nicole Kidman is an amazing actor. The roles she chooses, the performances she gives, the seeming ease with which she does all of it and then the awards she scoops up in the wake of it all confirm she is not an actor to be taken lightly. As a result, when it comes to revealing a new side of herself, we’ll likely be left in awe of her skills.

The kind of awe you’re about to feel about Kidman’s newly revealed hidden talent courtesy of the folks at Vanity Fair might not be the kind of awe you’re used to. Prepare yourself, because you may never look at Nicole Kidman the same way again.

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As part of Vanity Fair‘s ongoing digital short series Secret Talent Theatre, Kidman decided to sit down and reveal her own secret talent that absolutely none of us could have guessed even if we had a million and one chance to guess. That talent? Eating bugs.

Yeah, dude. Kidman loves her some bug grub. Why she loves bugs is still a mystery to me but watching her happily munch away on a four-course meal of bugs makes me feel things I’m not really comfortable feeling.

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Oh, and what do these bugs taste like? Well, I’m glad you asked, because Kidman happily reveals to the camera (aka us, watching in horror) what the flavor profiles of the different courses are.

The first course is hornworms, which look like blue pasta except way more alive and wriggly. “Mmm, extraordinary,” she initially reacts. Then she comments on the texture and flavor. “Very moist. Chewy. Can’t quite describe the flavor but I need a little water,” she says with a laugh.

And yet she perseveres! Why, oh why, Nicole Kidman?

Mealworms seem to go down smoothly and cause Kidman to remark that she’d win Survivor — a claim I cannot doubt at this point. Give her the award preemptively because this needless bug eating is proof of her mettle.

Perhaps the most vivid description was of the crickets she was served for her third course. When ostensibly asked by a producer just off camera what they tasted like, Kidman replied, “Like nothing you’ve ever tasted. Like… a hairy nut.” The double entendre seems to hit her a moment later, and through the purest of chuckles, she clarifies, “Oh, my gosh. A nut from the shell.”

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At one point, Kidman notes that 2 million people around the world eat bugs, but dang it, sis. Why do you have to be one of them?

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