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Pink Reacts to Yet Another Grammys Loss Like a Boss

Even though she didn’t take home an award, Pink clearly had the best time at the Grammys. She posted a bunch of photos to Instagram showing all the highlights of her night, and seriously, anyone would be jealous. She spent the night with her family and hung out a bunch with Rihanna. What could possibly be better than that?

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Clearly, one of the highlights of the night was introducing her daughter, Willow, to Rihanna. We know this because Pink specifically wrote about it in the Instagram caption for the photo she posted, and it’s just about the sweetest thing we’ll see in any post-Grammys coverage. Apparently, Willow (like all of us) is a huge RiRi fan, and Pink posted the cutest pic of the two of them snuggling.

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“We fucking did that! Willow met her idol tonight @badgalriri … her fav performances were Kendrick, me, and Gaga,” Pink wrote. “My mom had fun and looked so fancy I can’t even stand it. My husband looked amazing and made me a flask of old fashioned. I wore a custom Armani feather dress cause I’m FUN. I sang my fucking heart out for the cause, a song I wrote for the suffragette movement, barefoot in a white T-shirt and jeans…I lost my 19th Grammy nomination, I consoled another talented loser, whom I love, and I kept my feet on the ground (cause spectators like to dare me to.) y’all I’m so proud of myself I’m gonna buy myself a drink tonight. Perseverance. Perspective, gratitude,” she wrote to her fans. Although Pink managed to have a ton of fun with her family, it should be noted that she might be getting a little too down on herself. Pink’s been nominated for various Grammy awards 18 times over since 2002, and she’s won three times. That’s not too shabby.

The photos included some of Pink rocking that custom feather dress and belting out her single, “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken” and one of her looking super-cute and snuggly with her kids and her mom before they all went to the Grammys.

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We would have loved to see Pink win, but the grace she showed after losing might be even better.

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