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The First Celebrity Super Bowl Commercial Is Here & It Stars Keanu Reeves

Bless the internet, because without it, we would have to wait until it’s actually Super Bowl Sunday to start watching the most important part of the broadcast: the commercials. Now that basically everything in the world that doesn’t happen live is online, we can start soaking in that sweet, sweet multimillion-dollar advertising now, more than a week before game day.

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One of the first ads we get to see is also the first celebrity ad of the year, starring Keanu Reeves, because of course it does. The guy is in absolutely everything, so he may as well be in a Super Bowl ad, too. He’s partnered up with Squarespace, a free website builder, and the ad will definitely get you ready to settle in on the couch with chips and dip for the truly American capitalist extravaganza that’s coming to your TV screen on Feb. 4.

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In the ad, motorcycle-loving Reeves is sitting next to a roaring campfire with his laptop on his knees, because where else would Keanu Reeves choose to design his website? (He also lies on the ground and pretends to be riding a motorcycle… for inspiration, maybe? Unclear.)

But as Reeves uses Squarespace to easily design a sleek, effective website for his motorcycle company, a single tear rolls down his cheek as he’s overcome by how easy it is. Glad to see he’s able to poke fun at himself and the “Sad Keanu” meme this is clearly referencing.

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We’re sure this isn’t the whole ad and there will be some kind of surprise in store for the actual broadcast, but still, this is a strong start for Super Commercial Bowl 2018.

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