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Jack’s Death Isn’t the Only Mystery on This Is Us

For almost the entire time This Is Us has been on the air, there has been one big mystery fans have been waiting to solve: how Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) died. It was revealed early in the series that he died 20 years before the show’s present-day events, but until this week, it wasn’t revealed how.

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Finally, viewers have their answer (Warning: Spoilers ahead!). On Tuesday’s episode, it was revealed that Jack died in a house fire sparked by the faulty slow cooker Rebecca (Mandy Moore) used to cook her Super Bowl chili. Cue the ugly crying, because it was seriously tough to sit through (as if we don’t ugly cry through every episode of This Is Us).

Now that the big question has been answered, though, where is the series going to go? Will This Is Us still be as interesting without that mystery to wonder and speculate about? According to creator Dan Fogelman, fans have nothing to worry about — This Is Us is only just getting started.

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“It goes to a lot of places. We’re not even at our halfway mark with the series and this was always the plan. There’s a big plan for the series, and you’ll see how that relates to Jack and this family in the Super Bowl episode,” Fogelman told The Hollywood Reporter. “[W]e’re going to new places where people don’t even know quite yet exactly where the show is going and what it’s about and that’s going to start revealing itself as we move forward.”

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So what will the next big mystery be? Will Jack’s estranged brother make another appearance? Will the show go further back in time and dig into Jack’s relationship with his abusive father? Guess we’ll have to keep dedicating our Tuesday nights to This Is Us (and all the tears that come with it).

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