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GoT’s Maisie Williams Has an Important Role in Sophie Turner’s Wedding

The wedding every Game of Thrones fan is waiting for is starting to shape up. Sophie Turner already has one member of her bridal party locked into place for her wedding to Joe Jonas, and it feels like we should have seen this one coming, because hello, this is the best time for BFFs to come together. That’s right; Maisie Williams is in Turner’s bridal party.

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Williams revealed the exciting news in an interview with Radio Times about her new film, Early Man.

At one point during the interview, the host asked Williams, “Are you bidding for a role as bridesmaid?”

With a hilarious eye roll, Williams replied, “Oh, I’ve already got it. Yeah, it’s very, very exciting.”

Her participation in the Turner-Jonas wedding comes as no surprise since the two women have often shared their mutual love for each other and their friendship on social media. In fact, they always celebrate their friendship on Aug. 7 each year because it’s the day they found out they had been cast in GoT.

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“She’s one of my best friends in the whole world. We got matching tattoos [of the date, 07.08.09, using the European convention of styling dates with the day first and the month second],” Turner told E! News in 2016. “That’s the date that we both heard we got Game of Thrones on.”

Other than Williams’ official role, she revealed that the wedding planning hasn’t started yet because the entire GoT cast is deep into filming the final season.

“We are waiting until this season is done before we get into any of that,” she admitted. “But I think she’s letting her little heart already wonder and imagine.”

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There’s no word on any other members of the bridal party or on whom Jonas has selected for his groomsmen, but brothers Nick, Kevin and Frankie Jonas are probably a good guess. The star-studded event is sure to draw a lot of attention since GoT is a global phenomenon and the Jonas brothers still make headlines.

Even though Williams thinks “it’s kind of bizarre” her best friend is getting married, fans know she’s going to be with Turner every step of the way. Now if only Williams would reveal the actual wedding date so everyone can mark it on their calendars.

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