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Lady Gaga Wore a Goat Hair Coat That Costs the Same as 6 Months’ Rent

It’s been a long time since Lady Gaga shocked the world by wearing a dress and shoes made of actual, literal raw meat on a red carpet. In fact, Gaga, who was once known for pushing every boundary that ever applied to clothing, has really toned things down in recent years.

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Until now.

In Milan to kick off the European leg of her Joanne World Tour, Gaga was photographed in an outfit that may be the polar opposite of that meat dress but still made our jaws drop. She was rocking Italian designer Francesco Scognamiglio from head to toe, beginning with a peach-colored floor-length gown with white detailing on the front. The red-carpet-ready dress is bomb, sure, but it is nothing compared to the coat Gaga paired it with.

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It’s a goat hair coat, which is unconventional when it comes to furs, and fam, it is magnificent (come at me, PETA). The jacket is (obviously, because just look at it) sold out, but it was once available for sale on Moda Operandi for a cool $6,400. Sorry, not sorry for being totally OK with one coat costing six months’ rent.

This coat is dramatic in all the best ways. It is show-stopping. It looks perfect with that straight-off-the-runway gown Gaga is wearing, but it would look just as good paired with jeans. Thank you, Lady Gaga, for introducing me to my new true fashion love. I need that coat.

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Now to figure out how to get it. Can I cash out my 401(k) for this? Anyone need a kidney? JK (or am I?).

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