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Did Trading Spaces‘ Paige Davis Really Attack Chip & Joanna Gaines?

Trading Spaces is being revived this spring, and the godmother of all home design shows, Paige Davis, is returning to the reboot! But is there room for Davis in the now-crowded world of home design TV? Um, yes, duh, of course there is.

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During Friday’s Television Critics Association press tour, a reporter asked Davis, “I’m wondering if you are in agreement for certain types of design trends to disappear, and what some of your pet peeves are and some of the things that you have to talk homeowners out of — like, strongly — and steer them away from?”

Davis replied with this quip: “Like shiplap?”

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Um, guys, that’s a pretty innocent comment, right? Shiplap, which is a kind of overlapping wooden siding that’s supposed to emulate old wooden farmhouses, is, objectively, a pretty polarizing taste. Some people love it and others aren’t so into it. Except that Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines were some of the first to really bring shiplap back when they started regularly using it on this show, and so now Davis’ comment is apparently some shady jab at the Gaineses. Both Life & Style and Fox News have reported on this alleged “feud” that’s apparently a-brewin’.

BRB, rolling my eyes so hard I’m gonna pull something. Seriously, we’re taking that comment as a dis against the Gaineses? Why? Davis is established and successful in this genre and has no reason to pick a fight against anyone, particularly the Gaineses, who have already announced they’re ending their show, so there’s not even a competition for viewership here. Plus, the Gaineses are expecting their fifth baby, which makes me think they probably could give a crap about a pretend insult lobbed their way.

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Pitting the OG and the new kids on the home renovation block against one another might make for a click-worthy headline, but no one is actually taking this seriously, right?

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