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Barack Obama Gave Michelle the Perfect Birthday Gift, Because Obviously

Sometimes, the best gifts aren’t the ones that cost the most or take the longest to plan. Sometimes, the most cherished gifts are the simple things. That’s clearly the case for the Obamas.

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Michelle Obama turned 54 on Thursday, and like any phenomenal husband, Barack knew just what to give her. She loved her gift so much, she shared it with her more than 18 million followers on Instagram. Was it something fancy or extravagant? Nope. It was a bouquet of flowers and a handwritten note.

“Thank you @BarackObama for the beautiful flowers waiting for me in the office this morning,” Michelle wrote alongside the photo she posted of her very personal gift. “You’re my best friend, biggest fan, and getting notes and flowers from you will never get old.”

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It just goes to show, if there’s enough love behind a gift (as there very clearly is with these two), it can be the simplest thing and still mean the world.

Michelle also thanked fans who reached out to wish her well on her big day.

“And to the many people from around the country who sent cards and posted on social media, you have no idea how much we love hearing from you,” she continued in the caption on her Instagram post. “I know birthdays can sometimes be bittersweet (54!), but your messages of hope, generosity, and warmth have always reminded me how lucky and blessed we are.”

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Who’s missing the Obamas right about now? That grace and love and utter respect for their fans and constituents — what we’d give to have that back.

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