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What Justin Timberlake Will & Will Not Do This Time at the Super Bowl

All eyes are going to be on Justin Timberlake when he takes the stage on Feb. 4 for the halftime show for Super Bowl LII. It will be his third time performing at the Super Bowl (a rare honor indeed), and from the looks of a new preview video dropped onto the ol’ internet by Pepsi, the sponsor of the halftime show, it looks like Timberlake really wants to do something next-level to make this halftime show one of the best yet. And probably also to ensure that his third time performing at the Super Bowl is better than his previous performances.

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The video posted to Pepsi’s Twitter on Wednesday evening is pretty darn good when it comes to teasing the heck out of Timberlake’s plans for Super Bowl LII. After a montage of clips from his previous music videos, we see Timberlake take to the football field with his team as they strategize.

“I am getting an opportunity to have the stage [to] myself,” Timberlake remarks, referencing his previous Super Bowl performances where he performed with NSYNC and Janet Jackson, respectively. “I really am looking at it as my first time.”
And as the video rolls along, it begins to paint a picture of a man who is well and truly intent on making his mark as a solo performer at the Super Bowl. While talking to his team, Timberlake says, “We could go all out. We could arrange some beats where it’s like, ‘Pow,’ ‘Pow,’ ‘Pow.'”

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Ever the veteran performer, Timberlake also says at one point something that very well might hint that he knows exactly what he wants to do for the halftime show, especially where the crowd is concerned. “I believe it’s also the place where there is nothing wrong with giving people what they want,” Timberlake remarks, which (to me, anyway) sounds like he wants to turn the energy of his live performance up a couple notches and perform songs we haven’t heard yet. This could be music from his upcoming album or songs we haven’t heard in a while but still totally love.

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What Timberlake won’t do? Well, it’s a safe bet that all precautions will be taken to avoid what happened the last time he performed at the Super Bowl. Expect to see zero risky wardrobe choices, likely little to no pyrotechnics and no surprise guest appearances from the members of NSYNC, Britney Spears or previous Timberlake collaborator Jay-Z.

Anything can happen at Super Bowl LII, and that includes Timberlake’s halftime performance. Are you ready for it?

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