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Prince William Finally Decided to Say Goodbye to His Hair

Prince William’s hair has been slowly and noticeably receding for quite some time. We’ve watched his hairline disappear, his bald spot grow in circumference and all the time, we’ve all wondered (whether we admit it or not) when he would just bite the bullet and shave his head already.

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The answer is now. It is the new year, and Prince William has a new ‘do. He finally shaved what little hair he had left on his head, and fam, I am into it.

I always kind of suspected William would look better if he just embraced the baldness. His patchy ring of remaining hair was starting to look a little desperate, and it was well past time to move on. Still, I wasn’t quite ready for the internet to see it and become a big ol’ thirst trap for who has always been the undeniably less attractive of the princes.

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William, in typical royal fashion, was low-key about this much-needed change. He didn’t even mention it; just casually debuted his new look when he went to meet kids who are being treated at Evelina London Children’s Hospital.

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Now, we just want to know how his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, feels about the change. Considering she once joked that William would look better if he put an alpaca on his head, we get the feeling she’s here for bald Will too.

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