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Chrissy Teigen Live-Tweeting From the Fake News Awards Is Too Funny

For anyone on tenterhooks about whether or not President Trump would follow through on his promise to conduct the Fake News Awards, he did. And it was really… something. We’ll discuss that in a sec. What I’m more into focusing on right now is the fact that his good pal Chrissy Teigen helped him bring the Fake News Awards to the masses by posting Snapchats and tweets about the very real and not at all fake (*wink, wink*) award ceremony. It was, to put it simply, absolute perfection.

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In reality, there was no actual award ceremony. By all accounts, Trump hadn’t reserved an actual space or confirmed a host or even sent out invites, as one might expect to happen with an award show. But Teigen took matters into her own hands, and from the look of her tweets and the reports about what she was Snapchatting, she got all glammed up and headed over to the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles (where the Academy Awards are held every year) and sat around waiting for the show to start.

Classic Teigen.

You have to love the magnificent details she put into this joke. Did you catch the pieces of paper that said “CNN” and “Fake Tapper” with a stick-figure Jake Tapper crudely drawn on it? Did you get a good glimpse of Teigen’s totally glam look that was totally perfect for the red carpet? You guys, this woman — she commits.

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But it gets better. When asked on Twitter why the theater was so empty and whether or not the show was still happening, Teigen replied, “All of us are wondering that over here. It’s almost like he….lied??” a reference to reports from fact-checking outlets that Trump isn’t always the most truthful about what he says.

And of course, what award ceremony would be complete without a little recap from the winners of the evening? Teigen’s jokey final tweet featuring a picture of Sean Connery with Teigen doing a Connery impression while talking about the Fake News Awards is just too good. I bow down in awe.

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Now, Teigen and Trump don’t have the best relationship in the world, so it’s no surprise Teigen would jump at the chance to make fun of something that is, to most of us, just a grim sideshow act meant to distract us from the real issues. But Trump didn’t seem to get the memo that when people make fun of the Fake News Awards in order to highlight just how ridiculous they are, maybe he shouldn’t go through with the actual awards.

On Wednesday evening, the Fake News Awards winners were posted up on the GOP’s official website (that is actually not a joke, folks). Some of the winners include: The New York Times‘ Paul Krugman for writing that Trump’s election to the presidency would severely affect the economy; CNN editing a video to make it look like President Trump overfed fish while in Japan; the NYT reporting Trump had removed a bust of Martin Luther King Jr. from the Oval Office; and finally, that seemingly all media outlets have misreported the fact that Trump colluded with Russia while Trump maintains there is “NO COLLUSION.”

For all that hot air, I think Teigen’s decision to make fun of the whole thing was so worth it. Give this woman an actual award for her work; she deserves it.

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