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How Well Do You Remember Spice World?

Any self-respecting older millennial of the world can name at least one Spice Girls song. Go on, think of one. I’ll wait. And while I’m waiting, I’d like to take a moment to note that not only does the music of the Spice Girls live on more than 20 years later, but so does their one and only feature-length film, made during the height of their reign. Spice World turns 20 on Jan. 23.

Can you believe it? The movie that gave us the Spice Girls exploring their wacky lives, poking fun at the levels of fame they’d achieved with their music and pondering the nature of girl power, all while fending off aliens, very sexy Italian backup dancers and one very creepy tabloid photographer. Oh, and we can’t forget all of the surprise celebrity cameos, the plentiful cheeky pop culture references and the appearance of a former James Bond.

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Seriously, Spice World was freaking epic. Take a moment to salute this amazing and wonderfully weird cult classic by testing your memory about the film in this quiz.

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Did you do as well as you’d hoped? Or is it time to rewatch Spice World so you can catch up on all the things you missed?

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