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The Book Currently Exposing Donald Trump Is Being Made Into a TV Show

Here’s a sentence I never thought I would have to type in my entire freaking life: The book currently exposing life inside the Donald Trump White House and, by extension, the administration, Fire and Fury, is being turned into a TV show. Yes, President Trump is getting even more TV time than he already has, and honestly, I don’t even know how to feel about it. Mostly ill, slightly confused, but still generally unsure.

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According to a new report from The Hollywood Reporter, Michael Wolff’s explosive book about the people inside the Trump administration and what it’s like working in the Trump White House has quickly been snapped up as potential TV-adaptation material. As of Jan. 17, the rights to the book have been bought by Endeavor Content. This means that with the rights secured, Endeavor can likely start working on adapting the book, which has become the source of intense curiosity and speculation with its ridiculous excerpts since it was released early on Jan. 5. Because this news is still fairly hot off the presses, this is all the information we have, but the prospect of yet another Trump-related TV show coming straight to us, on top of the constant Twitter and news cycle barrage heaped upon us, is a bit too much to handle.

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I mean, what would a show about the Trump administration and White House even look like? First off, we’d have to settle the important issues. Is this show a comedy or a drama? Is it a documentary? A docuseries? A straight-up dramatization of Fire and Fury?

And then there’s the casting. I mean, who the heck wants to play Trump? Who would we cast to play some of the most recognizable power players in American politics right now? Also, is all this talk of casting and turning Trump’s presidential administration into TV fodder kind of turning your stomach, or is that just me?

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There’s no way to tell right now what Fire and Fury will become, but believe you me: It will be at best morbidly entertaining and at worst a nauseating piece of television.

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