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The #MeToo Movement Took Over Twitter — Now It’s Going to Take Over TV

If you thought the #MeToo movement was losing steam after the initial flood of accusations hit last year, think again. The movement that took over social media is about to take over another part of your life: your TV screen.

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PBS just announced its plans for a five-part miniseries exploring sexual assault and furthering the conversation that’s sprung up around it. #MeToo, Now What? will be executive-produced by Zainab Salbi and include guests who are journalists, activists, celebrities, industry leaders and more.

“In order for this conversation to create true cultural change, we must talk with the man on the street, in our lives, our colleagues and friends,” Salbi said in a statement announcing the new project. “Equally, we need to have the conversation with the women in our lives to examine why, when we’ve seen sexual misconduct, we’ve often looked the other way when it didn’t impact us directly.”

According to E! News, each episode will focus on a specific aspect of sexual harassment. That means that while the entire series will be related by the overarching topic, each episode will be able to stand alone as an individual piece of reporting. The series will explore “the impact of popular culture on women in the workplace, how race and class factor into the discussion, the social costs of pay inequity and gender discrimination, how men can be engaged in this discussion, and, ultimately, how we begin to chart a path forward,” according to a release from PBS.

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#MeToo, Now What? is set to premiere Feb. 2 on PBS. We can’t wait to tune in and see how this affects the conversation we’re all having right now.

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