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Bill Clinton’s Impeachment Is Getting the TV Treatment

It looks like one of the most infamous events in Bill Clinton’s life (thus far) will be getting the TV treatment, but oddly enough, it won’t be going through the traditional dramatization routes we’re used to. You see, unlike American Crime Story, Fox News (not to be confused with the more fun channel, Fox) is keeping its laser-sharp focus on the Clintons but is giving Hillary a break while it takes a deep-dive into the impeachment scandal, as TV Line reports.

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The documentary, currently titled Scandalous, was announced on Tuesday, Jan. 16 with a premiere date set for Jan. 21. According to TV Line, Scandalous will be “a historical documentary-style series chronicling the events that led up to President Bill Clinton’s impeachment in the 1990s.” It also sounds like Fox News was able to get a ton of information via interviews with various subjects because the documentary series is set to air in hour-long installments over the course of seven weeks. Holy smokes.

And speaking of interviews, TV Line also notes that “more than 45 individuals connected to the investigation and impeachment trial — including then-independent counsel Kenneth Starr, Sen. Lindsey Graham and Monica Lewinsky confidante Linda Tripp — were interviewed for the series,” which means we’ll no doubt get the most complete and in-depth look at one of the more scandalous moments in the history of the United States presidency (current president excluded).

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Of course, this feels like some unusually timed nonsense from Fox News as well. Sure, it’s natural to release a documentary about the Clinton impeachment scandal when it’s the 20th anniversary of said event (even though impeachment proceedings technically began in December 1998, but I digress). And sure, many of us have turned details of the impeachment into a joke, pop-culture touchstones and the like, but do we all have the true inside story? Heck no. A documentary would come in handy to smooth out the details.

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Then again, this is Fox News we’re talking about, and if we know one thing, it’s that they doggedly pursue anything Clinton-related even when there are more pressing matters to attend to. We’ll see how this one turns out.

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