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What Your Favorite Love Story Says About You

What’s the first romantic comedy you remember seeing? Mine was Grease. As a kid, I fast-forwarded to the songs, which were my favorite part. But I loved the push and pull that came with Danny and Sandy’s relationship, and I found it funny how they both tried to change for each other but couldn’t find the bravery to say how they really felt. Communication: it’s harder than it looks.

Movies have become fundamental in how we see ourselves. They’re our cultural myths, our stories of the world. They help us understand other people and ourselves, and maybe that’s why we love romantic movies so much. They can help us understand what we value in another person and the kind of story we see ourselves in. Do we believe more in destiny or friendship? Would we prefer someone who banters with us or someone who makes grand romantic gestures? Do we seek out “types,” or do we leave ourselves open to the soul of a person — no matter what they look like?

Not sure? Here are five romantic movies. Pick your favorite and see what it might mean about you.

Image: Gabriela Arellano/SheKnows

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