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Jordana Brewster’s Main Focus in 2018 Isn’t Her Career or Even Her Family

Celebrities are just like us when it comes to figuring out how to handle resolutions in the new year. Jordana Brewster knows that as a woman, it isn’t easy putting herself first. She has a busy acting career along with a full life with her husband, film producer Andrew From, and their two sons, Julian, 4, and Rowan, 19 months.

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She’s weathered the California fires and a mandatory evacuation in late 2017, and Brewster is ready to take a breath after that scary situation.

“We recently evacuated because of the fires, so I realized I’m pretty cool under pressure. I was very happy with that,” she said proudly. “It’s a good feature that I have because ordinarily I’m not that cool-headed. I think I really sweat the little things, and the big things I think, OK, I can, I can do this.”

For 2018, Brewster is choosing a little self-care to kick off the year.

“I’d love to stop stressing so much about the small stuff,” Brewster told SheKnows at an Autotrader event last December. “I’d love to inject a little more self-care. As a working mom, I’m juggling everything. It’s all about do, do, do.”

And Brewster already knows how she’s going to tackle investing in a little more time for herself.

“It’s about the appreciating the value of meditation and taking breaks,” she explained. “If I don’t take it easy and take care of myself, I’m going to burn out.”

Her inspiration for taking a time-out for herself came from one of the busiest and most powerful women in Hollywood, who also happens to be a mom, too.

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“I want to stop guilt-tripping myself. That’s what I loved about hearing Shonda Rhimes speak,” said Brewster. “It’s nice to hear other women talk about it because we’re all similar — the guilt-tripping we do to ourselves. Men don’t do that to themselves. My husband doesn’t feel guilty when he’s on a work trip and missing the kids.”

Jordana Brewster Autotrader
Image: Autotrader

Even though Brewster is making herself a priority in 2018, she was taking care of herself long before she became a mother. After graduating from Professional Children’s School in New York City, she put her successful young adult acting career on hold to prioritize her education by attending Yale University.

“For my emotional well-being, I think it was really good [to go to college] — in the same way that having a family is really good because it’s so important to balance it,” she shared. “Your career is not your end-all, be-all because otherwise, you are going to go nuts.”

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It also turned out to be the right decision for her, career-wise, because her four years at Yale didn’t hamper her Hollywood prospects — it only enhanced them.

“I love that my sense of self wasn’t always completely tied to how I was doing work-wise,” Brewster explained. “To be perfectly honest, I didn’t realize that putting my career on the back burner would have a negative effect on my career. I was kind of naive at the time.”

Brewster is looking forward to stepping back into the exciting role of Mia Loretto for Fast & Furious 9 and 10, which will premiere in 2020 and 2021. She is also seeking a return to television with “something like The Handmaid’s Tale,” she said.

“That’s why I am so excited about what’s happening with women now in the industry. We’re getting to see our perspective, not just how males perceive us. That’s really exciting. So, if I can help in any way, I am ready to be a part of that.”

In addition to Fast & Furious 9 and focusing on self-care, Brewster is a spokesperson for this year – an online car-shopping destination that has the largest selection of vehicles to search from, so you can shop all the cars and find the right car.

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