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Ricky Martin Confirms He’s a Husband & Signed ‘Prenups & Everything’

It’s a very happy new year for Ricky Martin — he just confirmed that he and his artist beau Jwan Yosef got secretly married! We’re not sure when exactly they tied the knot, but Martin told E! News about the happy news this week.

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“I’m a husband, but we’re doing a heavy party in a couple of months, I’ll let you know,” he said. “We exchanged vows, and we’ve swear [sic] everything, and we’ve signed all the papers that we needed to sign, prenups and everything.”

Please let “prenups and everything” become the new way celebrities confirm they’ve gotten married. Bless Ricky Martin; always a trendsetter, that one.

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Martin and Yosef have been dating since 2016. They met when Martin bought some of Yosef’s art. He explained the whole adorable story on The Ellen Show after they got engaged. “Well, now he lives with me. He’s a conceptual artist and I’m a collector, so I started looking for art, and I saw his art, and I went crazy because I really love what he does — really original. And then I contacted him,” Martin said. “I had no idea what he looked like, and then I saw what he looked like, and I’m like, yeah. And we just got engaged.”

Just like that. Honestly, I’m dying from the cuteness.

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“I proposed,” Martin continued. “I was really nervous, but I got on my knees and I took out the little metal box — I just had it in a little velvet pouch — and instead of saying ‘Would you marry me?’ I said, ‘I got you something!’ Bad! And then he was like, ‘Yes?’ I said, ‘I want to spend my life with you,’ and he was like, ‘What is the question?’ ‘Would you marry me?’ That’s it.”

Clearly, these two have a lot of happy years ahead of them. Congrats to the newlyweds!

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