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Margot Robbie Met Ellen DeGeneres in the Most Awkward Way

It’s not every day you get the chance to meet some of the people you admire on the regular or, better still, see on your television every day. So, what would you do if that chance did happen to come your way but you were less than prepared for the moment’s arrival?

Well, Margot Robbie can give you the full 411 on being unprepared for having a life-changing meeting because she had one happen to her while she was on her honeymoon with her newly minted husband, Tom Ackerley. It involves meeting Ellen DeGeneres and, believe it or not, Barack Obama as well as Ackerley wearing some ridiculously short shorts during a workout class that all these wonderful humans took together while vacationing in Tahiti. Are you ready for it? Because this awkward meeting might have you rolling on the floor laughing.

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As Robbie explained to the audience while on Ellen on Wednesday, the madness began when she and Ackerley arrived at a luxury hotel after spending a few days on a private Tahitian island with no power, running water, mirrors and so forth. The lovebirds rolled into their next destination looking rather rough and tumble and decide to go to the hotel gym to have a workout. This is where things get weird.

As the couple changes to go into the gym, Ackerley throws on some short gym shorts. They’re apparently a little too short. Robbie tells Ackerley, “Babe, you cannot wear those shorts… I can see everything,” to which her hubby replies, “Oh c’mon. Who are we going to run into?” which are definitely the most famous last words a person could say in this situation.

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Because as soon as Robbie and Ackerley walk in, DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi (DeGeneres’ wife) and Barack Obama are in this gym. Yes, all three of them. And Ackerley is wearing shorts that barely cover up his lower half! You never really know where you’ll be when you meet someone you admire, sure, but I doubt you imagine yourself wearing short shorts when it happens.

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Luckily, DeGeneres and Obama walked away from the incident unscathed by the potential sighting of Ackerley’s man bits and everyone walked away with a hilarious first-meeting story. It doesn’t get much better than that, right?

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