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Meghan Markle Officially Has No Social Media Presence

Welp, I guess now’s as a good a time as any to say so long and farewell to Meghan Markle’s social media presence, because as of Jan. 9, 2018, it officially is no more.

The royal (by marriage)-to-be deleted all traces of her social media accounts on Tuesday, and it feels like a breakup we sort of saw coming but never really expected to happen. According to E! News, Markle has ditched her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts seemingly without warning, and there has been no comment from any royal authority as to why this happened.

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Then again, it’s not difficult to understand why this had to happen.

Many will likely see this as a move toward Markle becoming more integrated into royal life and protocol rather than her shunning a connection with society. She is — with the help of those around her — likely transitioning into a public-facing role that will have her better balancing the demands of life as a royal with the commitments she has to serving the people. So it’s probably not too surprising this blackout has happened just months before her royal wedding on May 18. Gotta build the excitement, curiosity and intrigue about Markle’s next chapter, you know what I’m sayin’?

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Take it one step further: Have you ever seen a member of the immediate royal family with their own social media account? Heck no; that’s what Twitter accounts like Kensington Palace and Clarence House are for: to act as the conduits for delivering news of official royal business to the world. As such, that means we are regularly deprived of the personal thoughts on various matters from the likes of Princes William and Harry, the Duchess of Cambridge and even Queen Elizabeth II. The need to appear neutral and at the service of the people is a well-established royal habit. To have Markle continuing to post on social media right up until her wedding day might be too risky (even though we know she herself isn’t prone to risky posts).

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It’s certainly sad to see Markle go off social media, but this just means we’re one step closer to Markle as a royal, and that, my friends, is a wonderful thing indeed.

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