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John Krasinski Is in Total Awe of His Wife, Emily Blunt, & It’s So Sweet

Everyone is a little bit in love with Jim Halpert John Krasinski. You just have to be. One look at his adorable, boyish face is all it takes. It’s over. You’re at least a little bit in love, maybe even fully head over heels.

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And Krasinski just keeps finding new ways to make us fall in love with him. On one hand, it’s kind of cruel that he’s married and therefore inaccessible to all of us; on the other, his absolute devotion to Emily Blunt will make you melt. As part of a new interview about Emily Blunt for Vanity Fair, Krasinski was able to weigh in on her talents. At one point, he describes how he had never heard her sing until she got her role in 2014’s Into the Woods.

“I had literally never heard her sing a note,” he explained of his wife of, at the time, four years. “I thought that was such a cool gig, but, to be honest, I was really nervous for her.”

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He added that he assumed he and Blunt were “at the same level of singing talent, which is low mediocre.”

Then, he stopped by one of the recording sessions for Into the Woods, and let slip to director Rob Marshall that he had never heard Blunt sing. As he recalls the story, he says Marshall was stunned.

“His mouth was wide open. He did not say anything. He just turned to the window, cued the song, the orchestra started playing, and Emily started singing, and I just immediately wept,” Krasinski said. “It was really wild. It was like finding out that your wife can levitate,” he added. “It was just like, ‘When were you going to tell me this?'”

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Yep. He cried because of his wife’s hidden talent. Hello, perfect man. And here we thought we couldn’t be more in love with Krasinski, and he goes and says things like that as well as this: “The air changes in the room when she starts doing what she does,” he told Vanity Fair. “It’s so honest and so pure and so powerful. It’s like a superpower that she can just unlock and do so specifically with not many attempts. For me, I love acting, and I’m so lucky to be doing it. But she’s on another plane. This weird intersection happened while filming where I totally forgot I was her husband. I was just watching her performance and was lucky enough to be in the front row.”

Well, if there’s a Sweetest Husband in All the Land award, I think Krasinski might have just won it with that adorable sentiment.

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