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Celine Dion Is Ready to Have Lady Gaga Join Her in Las Vegas

Who’s excited for Lady Gaga to start her Las Vegas residency? Well, all of us. But there may be no one who’s as excited as Celine Dion, the veteran of the Vegas residency. Dion is clearly a Gaga superfan, because she doesn’t think the “Born This Way” singer needs any advice before she hits the stage.

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Dion made an appearance on CNN’s New Year’s Eve Live With Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper, where she was asked whether she had any sage wisdom for Gaga, who is set to begin her own two-year residency next December.

“Do I have any advice for Lady Gaga? No!” Dion said. “First of all, this girl knows exactly what she’s doing. She knows what to do. And I will never, ever, ever, in my whole life tell somebody professional, super talented like she is how to do things. I’m going to go see her show. When is she starting?”

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Dion has been performing on the Caesar’s Palace stage since 2011, and her current residency is set to extend until June of 2019. She is undoubtedly the queen of the Vegas stage, so this kind of support from her for Gaga is a pretty big deal, not that we had any doubts about Gaga’s ability to kill it.

One other thing we can cross our fingers for? Dion and Gaga performing together. When asked about the possibility, Dion was all for it, even though there are no plans as of now for it to actually happen.

“Oh, don’t get me started, no. I would love that. I love her so much,” Dion said. “I can’t wait. Come on, Lady Gaga, we’re waiting for you!”

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2018 is already too good to us.

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