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13 Very Real Thoughts I Had About Justin Timberlake’s New Album Announcement

In case you’re not yet here in 2018 with the rest of us, there’s big news. Justin Timberlake has new music on the way. And it’s the way he chose to announce his upcoming album, Man of the Woods, that makes his announcement by far the most extra thing to happen to music in 2018 so far.

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Timberlake made the announcement via a video that’s a weird compilation of clips of him out in the wild nature of America. It’s rustic; it’s gritty; it’s earthy — it’s a new era for Timberlake, y’all. Honestly, it’s hard to describe, and it’s a real trip to absorb, so you should just watch it yourself. Seriously, do not hesitate. Go watch below.

That was… something. Right? Like, I’m not the only one who thought that was just the teensiest bit hokey, am I? Like, it’s very sweet Timberlake is crediting his wife, Jessica Biel, and his son, Silas, with inspiring him, but there’s a lot happening here, and it’s a bit odd. Well, for Timberlake, that is. It’s just so — what’s the word — Beyoncé-ish in its Lemonade-like aspirations, it’s almost hard to take him seriously.

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Clearly, I had a lot of thoughts, so here are some of the hottest ones I had while watching the Man of the Woods teaser.

1. OK, I can get behind an album inspired by his family. That’s probably going to be sweet and emotional. Who wouldn’t be down with a throwback to the “(God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time on You” days?

2.a. Inspired by where he’s from? But all this video is so far is a compilation of shots of the outdoors. Where exactly is Timberlake from? Was he raised in a snowy forest? I’m confused.

2.b. I Googled it. He’s from Memphis. I’ve never been to Memphis, but I’m fairly certain it is not a snowy mountain stream.

Image: Giphy

3. Aww, I love seeing him snuggle Jessica Biel. Aren’t they just perfect together?

4. There are a lot of arms-out Jesus poses happening here. In the snow, in the water — this is getting more extra by the second.

5. OK, but why would anyone, especially Justin Timberlake, walk across a snowy field wrapped in a giant blanket? That is not practical winter attire. As someone who has spent a fair amount of time in the outdoors, I’m becoming increasingly skeptical of this guy’s self-proclaimed man of the woods status.

6. Every time I hear him say, “Mountains. Trees. Campfires,” I can’t help but roll my eyes. Is anyone taking this seriously?

JT MOTW React 2
Image: Giphy

7. Again, I’ve never been to Memphis. But I am certain that it’s not considered part of the Wild West.

8. As ridiculous as this is, JT looks hot AF standing on that cliff.

9. This is a lot of running in a lot of different landscapes.

10. Is… is JT a horse now?

JT MOTW React 3
Image: Giphy

11. Nope, he’s still JT, and he’s dancing in a fringe jacket.

12. SILAS!

13. In case anyone missed the fact that this is about a new album and not just a weird conceptual short film, let’s have some shots of Timberlake and Pharrell Williams in a recording studio. Sure. Why not? That makes total sense.

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That was quite a trip, fam. Honestly, that video was far more confusing than it was informative. But we did learn at least one thing: Timberlake has a new album coming, and we’re going to have to listen to it just to see if it gives us any more insight into that white boy Lemonade nonsense he just pulled. Well played, JT.

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